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First Congregational UCC, Battle Creek, Michigan

Friends of Jim Seimers


Jim Siemers loved our church and we are all beneficiaries of his wonderful spirit. He felt blessed in life and lived with gratitude and grace, inspiring us with his words of encouragement, his compassion, and his self-effacing humor. He was revered in our faith community as a wise elder, poet laureate, and untiring champion of our vision to become a community that is truly welcoming to everyone.

Jim’s gratitude was also expressed in his incredible generosity. He wasn’t a wealthy man, but his annual pledge was always one of our church’s highest. He put his money where his heart was. Jim also made provisions for supporting the church in his estate planning. Recently, the church received a legacy gift in the amount of $108,000 from a life insurance policy that Jim had purchased and designated the church as the beneficiary.

After talking with his daughter Jeanne, our Church Council’s Administration Team has decided to use Jim’s legacy to start a “Friends of Jim Siemers Fund” to pay for our urgently-needed facility repairs. Now we are inviting you to prayerfully consider honoring Jim’s legacy by adding your contribution to this fund.

Our goal is to cover the cost of the work that needs immediate attention and to build up our “Sinking Fund” to cover future building expenses we know we will soon be facing.  Our Facility Team estimates that it will take $162,000 to fund the crucial roof repair, masonry repair, and carpet replacement. Beyond those immediate needs, we know that the rooftop heating and cooling units and the flat roofs are reaching the end of serviceability and we need to start setting aside funds now to replace them as well.

Rather than taking out a mortgage and adding to our deficit, we will cover the necessary repairs with the gifts we receive to our Friends of Jim Siemers Fund. Chris and Betty Christ and our Women’s Fellowship have already contributed an additional $19,000 to the fund, bringing our starting total to $128,000 — so we’re already off to a great start!

Jim was a person who always planned ahead. You can honor his legacy by making a gift to our Friends of Jim Siemers Fund to provide resources for maintaining our church facility today and throughout the years to come.

Click here to donate online.

Designate your gift as a “Friends of Jim Siemers” donation.