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First Congregational UCC, Battle Creek, Michigan

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The Coordinating Council (TCC) of Calhoun County

TCC is the Community Collaborative Body of Calhoun County for the State of Michigan. Community Collaboratives (formerly Multi-Purpose Collaborative Bodies-MPCB’s) were created to put funds and fiscal decisions in the hands of the local community.  Local Community Collaboratives take responsibility for the direction and coordination of local state and federal sponsored enterprises. Additionally, Community Collaboratives link with other collaborative groups to address specific needs in the community.  This is accomplished through the development of community wide initiatives, avoiding duplication of services, maximizing available resources, implementing community plans designed to meet a specific outcome, and monitoring progress.

TCC has been in existence since 1989.  The collaborative oversees grant dollars, ensures collaborative efforts on the part of grantees, decreases duplication of services and strengthens community programs/initiatives by focusing on community interests. Members of the collaborative represent a variety of organizations across the county including non-profit, education, health, public safety, for-profit, grassroots, local businesses and community members.  These individuals and organizations work collaboratively to positively impact the lives of all members of Calhoun County.

Our Vision:
To achieve optimum health of all people in Calhoun County by supporting Economic Self-Sufficiency; Healthy Family and Social Relationships; and Community Connectedness.